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          We have been talking about mold, the most fundamental question is: What type of processing mold? This is the most basic understanding of the subsequent conduct only. Further, the loss of the mold, in particular by what causes? This mold can not be ignored.

          1 kind of mold processing
          Roughing: The main case is determined according to the type and rough mold surface, generally after a rough rough, rough margin should be uniform, this sequence can be easily processed.
          Semi-finishing: first calculate the residual material boundary contour, that is the three-dimensional contour, the tool is then used to process relatively small, it is not the entire model, the purpose is to finish the remaining uniform.
          Local Finishing: generally refers clearance angle processing, processing methods can be used multiple times.
          Finishing: generally choose parallel finishing, unless great changes in the height of the mold surface.

          2 die losses cause analysis.
          Mold loss reasons:
          (1) The material is not a good choice, material properties do not wear well, there is the presence of mold steel smelting hidden defects or heat treatment.
          (2) when the die structure is irrational, not smooth accumulation phenomenon occurs when the material or discharging excessive force.
          (3) molding process is not perfect, so that quality, but off.
          Defects or problems (4) heat treatment technology, making the mold problem.
          (5) lubrication is not in place, or a lubricating effect is not very good.


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